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Root of Bitterness

Yesterday I was able to attend a former church ( in Mississippi while I was there for a wedding.  I love this church and, as always, received a blessing from being there.   The pastor spoke on Exodus 15:22-26 and … Continue reading

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Believing God

I read this today in a devotion by Neil Anderson and thought it was worth sharing: Furthermore, it is important to know that God is under no obligation to us. There is no way you can cleverly word a prayer … Continue reading

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Rejection–Who Am I?

One of the things I love to teach a new believer is ‘who they are in Christ’.  When a believer understands their identity, it can make all the difference in their walk with the Lord. But I’ve learned that often … Continue reading

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Puzzle Pieces

I enjoy a good puzzle every now and then.  My daughter gave me one of a rooster for Christmas because she knows I love puzzles and chickens!  (Sadly, five of my chickens were hauled off last week in one day by some … Continue reading

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