Have you ever seen a chicken lay an egg?

I don’t mean see the egg after it’s been laid, or hear the chicken cackle after it’s laid an egg….I mean, have you ever actually seen the egg laid?  What a question, huh?

I had my first experience Sunday!  You see when I went to let the chickens out into their pen, I happened to glance over at the row of nest boxes and Blackie (my only black and white hen) was in a box head first.  And right as I glanced over, out came a green egg.  It was a significant moment for me 🙂 because I had been wondering for months what color egg Blackie laid.  I now have proof positive that Blackie lays green eggs.

Two Americanas

I’ve actually been asking the Lord to help me figure this out.  Now you may think it’s crazy to talk to the Lord about what color eggs your chickens are laying, but I think He’s interested in all the details of our lives and I believe He loves it when we talk to Him about EVERYTHING.  So I’ve asked the Lord for His help as I learn about the creatures He created called chickens.  They really are fascinating.

Psalms 104:24 (NLT) O LORD, what a variety of things You have made! In wisdom You have made them all. The earth is full of Your creatures.

Here are some pictures of my chickens for your enjoyment as well as a picture of the eggs I got on Sunday.








I’ve been told that chickens don’t lay real well in the winter time, but with the mild winter we’ve had, mine are doing really well.  I have 7 layers and got 5 eggs as you can see.  I think gathering eggs is like being on an Easter egg hunt every day.  For me, it’s so much fun…and I don’t even eat eggs.  But being able to share them is the best part of all!

So I’m thankful that I got to see a chicken lay an egg.  Does that sound like fun to you?



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