Selah at the end of many of the Psalms means to ‘pause, and calmly think of that’.  That’s what I’d like you to do with what I share today.  I doubt what I have on my mind today will ‘set well’ with some but it is what it is.

I was having a conversation with the Lord yesterday (yes, prayer is TWO-way conversation!) and He began to talk to me about sports.  Now it was pretty funny in a way because I do NOT like sports.  But here is what I believe He said to me:

I know you think it’s funny that I used a ball playing illustration with you.   I know you don’t like sports.  Actually you don’t like the ‘spirit of competitiveness’ in sports, or games in general.  You always want to play for the fun of the game like when you play Scrabble.  Winning is not your chief goal, or your aim at all, it’s just the connection with your friends.  So just know, I’m not crazy about the ‘spirit of competition’ either (it’s killing churches by the way).  Of course, we know who is fostering this spirit–the one who has been in competition with Me from eternity past.  He wanted My glory.  And what is that but competition?  Why do you think sports have become such ‘big business’?  Who would you think is behind that?  The ‘biggest of the big’ games is this weekend, the Super Bowl.  Where’s the focus, even with My children, on that day?  Is it on Me or a game?  You get the picture don’t you?

I may be a little slow, but I’d never considered the fact that satan was in competition with God.  Yes, I knew he had a pride problem, but the competitive spirit had to have been there because he wanted what God had.  To my recollection, I’ve never heard this thought preached but then rarely (or ever in my case) do you hear a message on competition.  After all it’s what our world runs on (including our churches)!

God desires that what breaks His heart will break ours too.  Does the ‘spirit of competitiveness’ in our country break your heart?

Just asking….

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