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I am reading a new translation of the Bible that I am enjoying so much called The Passion Translation.


The translator is Brian Simmons who I ‘discovered’ quite by accident (which I believe was God’s leading) back around 2005.  I began listening to podcasts from the church where he was a pastor and was immediately blown away by his insights into the Scripture.  It took me hours to listen to each sermon because I kept having to stop and write down what he said so I could fully absorb the teaching.  I have tried to follow him ever since.  In his early ministry he was a missionary translator of the Scriptures into the Kuna language in the jungles of Panama.

He will eventually translate the whole Bible but so far has completed Psalms (Poetry on Fire), Proverbs (Wisdom from Above), Song of Solomon (Song of Songs), Letters of Paul (Letters from Heaven– Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1st & 2nd Timothy) and Luke (to the Lovers of God).  I believe John (Eternal Love) will come out soon after the first of the year.

So far I’ve read Song of Songs and am reading Luke now.  Dr. Simmons calls his translation a ‘dynamic equivalent’ translation.  To me, it seems he gives the spiritual meaning as opposed to just the literal translation.  He has extensive footnotes in each book that really help to better understand the meaning.

This is from the Passion Translation website which explains it better than I can:

By translating this most holy portion of the Word of God, the Song of Songs, I have attempted to translate not only from a scholarly or linguistic perspective alone, but from the passion of a heart on fire. Love will always find a language to express itself. Fiery love for Jesus pushes our thoughts out of hiding and puts them into anointed words of adoration. This articulation, out of the deepest places of our hearts, moves God and inspires each of us to a greater devotion.  Everyone deserves to hear and to feel the passion of our Bridegroom for His radiant and soon to be perfected Bride.

Reading a new translation always propels me into a new awareness and fresh understanding of God.  This translation is doing that for me more than ever before.  I have copies of all the books listed above and am slowly working my way through.  I began with the first one Dr. Simmons translated, Song of Songs, which he says is his favorite book of the Bible.

Of course, there are always critics of a new work (sigh!).  I followed some of them through a Google search.  For the most part, they are the same groups opposed to The Message Bible, another Bible that has really ministered to me.  Here’s my take on translations/paraphrases–none of them, including King James, has it perfectly right.  A translation of any kind into the English language is really impossible as to the complete and intended meaning coming through.  The translation of the word ‘love’ is a perfect example….one word, many meanings.  I’m not casting doubt on the inerrancy of Scripture in any way…..just the ‘translations’ of the Scripture.  I currently have 22 different translations in the Bible program I use daily.  Why do I have 22 different ones?  Well, for the most part, they all say it different!  I can gain insight by reading a particular verse in many different translations. The Passion Translation is one more reference added to the rest that, for me, brings additional insight to God’s Word.

As I read these words in this new translation, I knew they were the cry of my heart:

Song of Songs 4:16-5:1 TPT

[The Shulamite Bride]

Then may Your awakening breath

Blow upon my life until I am fully Yours.

Breathe upon me with Your Spirit-winds.

Stir up the sweet spice of Your life within me.

Spare nothing as You make me

Your fruit-filled garden,

Hold nothing back

Until I release Your fragrance.

Come walk with me as You walked

With Adam in Your paradise-garden.

Come taste the very fruits of Your life in me.

[The Bridegroom King]

I have come to you,

My bride, My darling

For you are My paradise-garden!

[The Shulamite Bride]

Come walk with me

Until I am fully Yours

Come taste the fruits

Of Your life in me.

Does this resonate with the cry of your heart?  If so, we are kindred spirits!!

I encourage you to order a copy of at least one book in this new translation and see if it doesn’t minister to your heart and change you forever!  Here is the website link:

I don’t make anything off of your purchase as an fyi.  Just good advice from my heart to yours!  🙂

Love and Blessings!

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