After a crazy busy summer of traveling and gardening, fall has arrived and it doesn’t seem life has slowed down one bit.  It appears I’ll be traveling at least once a month for the rest of this year.  I don’t ever really like to leave my life on the farm but sometimes it’s necessary and I try to have a good attitude about it!  🙂

In September I was gone two out of four weeks and that really threw me out of sorts….and left me way behind.  Or at least it feels that way.  But are we actually ever really behind?  Or have we just not done what ‘we’ want to do?

I ponder this often as I talk with the Lord about my schedule and if it fits in with His plans for my life.  When I ‘check with Him’ before scheduling a trip (or any event actually), and I get the go-ahead, then I need to trust Him with the results of what gets done and what doesn’t.   This is hard for my personality that wants to work on a schedule.  However for me, I still think it goes back to a trust issue.  Do I trust Him with my schedule?

This blog is another one of those areas of confusion.  I’m quite sure He impressed on me to start a blog back in January.  However, through my ‘busy time’ I haven’t gotten to regularly write.  That leaves me feeling frustrated, but again, I want to trust Him with my schedule and my daily activities.

Right now, I’m in an intent time of study in a new area that is completely unfamiliar to me, but is opening up a new realm of ‘Who He Is’ and I’m loving it.  I’m studying about the “Healing Oils of the Bible” and it has become a new passion to learn what God says, what ‘oils’ can do for us, and to learn more about what I have come to believe is ‘God’s Healthcare Plan’.  Right now I’m in the middle of an 800+ page book on “The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple…God’s Love Manifest in Molecules” by David Stewart, PhD., D.N.M..  This is a fascinating trip into the unknown for me as I’ve never had a chemistry course in my life!!!  (Not sure how I managed to graduate from college without one!)  One of my upcoming trips will be to attend a conference by Dr. Stewart in November for more in-depth teaching and study.

All that said, when you are studying, there’s not as much time to write.  So I’m seeking a balance between studying and writing, farming and working….not to mention relationships.  I know I’m not the only one that struggles with these issues of time management.  How do you deal with the ‘un-done’?

I’ll leave you with some pictures from my Iowa trip this summer.

Iowa Corn Fields – beautiful and never ending!

Corn fields for miles and miles and miles….

And who knew that the phrase ‘Go West Young Man, Go West’ led a man to Iowa?  I always assumed it meant way out west like California or Oregon.  Just one reason traveling can be good for me!

And Grinnell, Iowa happened to be a lovely little oasis in the midst of all those corn fields!

Grinnell, Iowa on a Sunday afternoon…deserted!


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