I’ve been missing in action for about 2 1/2 years as you may have noticed.  However, lots has been going on during those years.

First of all, my mom died.  What an adjustment!  She was the last in that generation from my close family which turned me and my brothers and cousins into ‘that’ generation.  It feels strange to now be the ‘older generation’….especially since I still feel like a teenager in my mind and heart!  HA!

Then, I moved from the wonderful country home where I was living in Alabama to a wonderful mountain home in North Carolina.  I’ve wanted to live in the mountains ever since I saw The Sound of Music with my mom when I was 8 years old.  🙂 This has truly fulfilled a desire of my heart!

Since I live on the side of a mountain, I don’t have the farm animals I once did.  I have a few chickens, two dogs and a cat.  But there’s a horse across the road I enjoy seeing as I pass by.  And thanks to my #3 son who cleared a spot by digging up rocks for 3 days, I do have a small garden.

My new home is in a beautiful area of western North Carolina and there was NO DOUBT God orchestrated this move.  I may write more about that later, but today I have another focus….the Third Heaven Ranch.

I still have a dream, given by God over 25 years ago, for the Third Heaven Ranch.  The vision becomes clearer as days go by and I still believe it’s in my future.  In fact, I believe it is beginning on a small scale even now!

I read this today (an excerpt from a word by Ck Thompson posted on the Elijah List):

Second-Heaven is the atmosphere above us where spiritual warfare takes place. The Bible speaks of principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this age, wicked spirits in heavenly places [see Eph. 6]. When we pray and push through Second-Heaven activity, we can experience glorious encounters with the Lord in the Third-Heaven.

My prayer for the Third Heaven Ranch is that it would be a place where those who come would ‘experience glorious encounters with the Lord’.  What better place to do so than on the mountaintop!

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